Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Exploding heads

The scene was a huge movie style complex with aircraft hanger size buildings, a vast network of roads and people everywhere. 
High above in the air, five police helicopters circled the area. 

I was in a room that just had a table in the centre of it. The far wall was missing so I could see outside clearly. Running around were hundreds of armed police. 
Sat on the table in front of me was a high powered rifle with a telescopic lens mounted on it. 

A police officer ran into the room and told me it wasn't safe and to get out. They took my gun and led me out of the room and into a giant hanger. I positioned myself in a corner next to two rooms. 
About twenty people came running towards me in a panic and ran into one of the rooms and all sat at an individual table. 

With the door still open I looked at the people and they had real fear in their eyes. 
I then heard an electronic bleeping sound that became faster and faster until the bleep became one long sound. As this happened everyone's head that was in the room, exploded sending blood and brains everywhere. 

Just as I looked on in horror another group of terrified people ran onto the other room. The same bleeping began again with the same result of exploding heads. 
The rest of the scene was one of blind panic as people and police ran around not knowing what to do. 
It was at this point that I was happy to wake up. 

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