Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dennis waterman, hard as nails

Firstly my wife was placing apples into a large box. When I asked her why she was doing this, I was informed that they help to preserve bodies. 
I glanced into the box to see the dead body of a man. Without even questioning what was going on I excepted her explanation and left. 

I was next wrapped in winter clothing walking in thick snow at the local shops near to my mums house. 
Everyone was dressed the same as the temperature was well below freezing. 
As I ascended the hill towards the Post Office I saw a male walking towards me in jeans and a T shirt.  

It was actor Dennis Waterman and he was younger looking as he was in his Sweeney days. 
As he passed me he looked at me and smiled and said,"This ain't cold sunshine". 

Finally in a worrying premonition, my car failed its MOT because the passenger door wouldn't open from the inside. 
I have it booked in for tomorrow!  

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