Sunday, 8 September 2013

Christmas eggs and dummy's

A debut from my work colleague George last light. We were both driving transit vans into our city centre works station. 
I arrived just prior to George and held the door open for him. 
As I waiting for him to reach the entrance I saw a woman standing further in the building. She was perfectly still and almost statue like. 

When George arrived and we walked in we saw that the woman was a shop manakin dressed as a policewoman. 
We reached the top floor and I opened a door to the landing to find it jam packed with Christmas decorations and chocolates. 

It was so tightly packed that I had to wade my way through. With George close behind it was like walking through water. I looked down and saw that we were moving through thousands of chocolate eggs in the shape of SantaClaus. 
George shouted out, "Don't eat any". 
I turned to look at him with a mouth so full of chocolate I couldn't talk. 

I was lastly walking in the rain with my wife heading towards my aunts house in Northampton. We were under a big umbrella and as the rain got heavier we stopped and stood for a while to watch the downpour. 

I could hear music playing and recognised the song as 'Waterfalls' by TLC a hit in 1995. 
As we sang along to it I could hear a female also singing to it directly stood behind me. 
I didn't look round to see who it was but just embraced my wife and stood content with my life.   

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