Friday, 13 September 2013

Carpet painting

I was back in my old profession as a painter and decorator, working in a great stately home. 
I was set to earn a lot of money from the job but being such a big job I'd hired some of my work colleagues to help out. 

One of my helpers was Steve and I'd left him painting the skirting in the main hall. When I went around checking the work I found a guy in the main hall painting the ceiling. I didn't know him and asked where Steve was. The reply was that he went home at 10am. 

When I looked at the skirting, Steve had painted it but also all of the carpet around the edge of the room. The hand woven carpet now had white gloss paint ruining it and also my chances of earning any money from the job. 

Lastly just before my alarm interrupted my sleep. I was walking through a corridor, ahead of me was work colleague Nicole and it was 5am. We were questioning why we were up so early. Nicole said that she was normally only up this early to fly to Spain. 

We entered a room and found a rotary washing line in the centre full of washing.  
I started to fold the clothing nearly and placed them in a washing basket. 
Nicole opened another door and gasped and what she saw. 
All I could hear as I glanced over towards her was the familiar sound of my alarm. 
My vision faded as I was pulled out of the dream and remained with the alarm sounding. 

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