Monday, 16 September 2013

Blind arm of the law

I was with a colleague from work called Paul and I was chatting to him in the street, just standing catching up on gossip. 
We were approached by a blind man with a white stick who was dressed as a policeman. Both Paul and myself looked at each other believing it to be a joke. 

The blind man said to Paul that he was arresting him for possession of drugs. Convinced this was a prank, we both started laughing. 
When Paul was sitting in the back of a police car we stopped seeing the funny side of things. 
Even less amusing was the blind man then produced a stash of drugs from his own pocket and told another police officer that he found them on Paul. 

I began to protest his innocence but my voice wouldn't work and Paul was taken away to the police station.  
As I stood at the side of the road attempting to wave at passing cars to get some help, a familiar red truck stopped and I saw that it was John, a local farmer. 
I tried to explain to John what had happened but as I told the story of a bent blind policeman planting drugs, the smile on his face became wider. 
I wouldn't believe it either. 

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