Thursday, 5 September 2013

Apple avalanche

I had a touch of smellovision last night.I could detect the distinct odour of cigarette smoke as I slept. 
My eyes shot open as just for a spilt second I thought it was real. 

Back to sleep and I had entered a walk in freezer that contained hundreds of tubs of ice cream. 
A man entered the freezer and I told him to make me an ice cream. He then set about scooping frozen desert from various tubs and throwing them into a large bowl. 
The result was a puppet made of ice cream that spoke when you put your hand up its back. 

I was next sat on a sofa in a house with work colleague Leeza and two large black dogs. 
The house started to flood and the water lifted the sofa up to the ceiling and we were soon under water. I saw a window to my right and smashed it using my elbow. 

As a result the water sank below our heads and we were able to breath again. Through the broken window came an avalanche of apples. They poured down into the room and onto the heads of lots of children who became buried alive by the onslaught of fruit.  

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