Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Alligators and camel jigsaws

For once I wasn't in my dream. I watched as a young lad sat in a room looking at a picture of his girlfriend and he is in love. 
As he stared at her image she appeared behind him and raided her arms above his head and released powder paint covering them both in a rainbow of colours.  

Next the same lad was in a field adjacent to a wooded area and he had an alligator on a dog lead. 
He gave it instructions to eat some people that were approaching. He released the alligator into the wood and ran and hid behind a bush to watch. 

As the lad waited he noticed a jigsaw puzzle on the floor. It was completed and some of the images were moving. When he placed his finger in them, the image vanished. 
The puzzle was of an English village complete with green fields. As he continued to watch a camel walked across the puzzle, crushing the peices 

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