Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Action man gets posh

I was walking through a large stately home, something I have done on a few occasions recently. 
I'd wandered out into the formal gardens and found an ornate pond complete with a metal pelican spitting out water. 

I then took out my old childhood action man and started to pretend that he was swimming in a shark infested lake. 
I was so carried away that I'd walked into the pond and was totally soaked. 
My action man had also got covered in mud and so I went back into the big house and found a bathroom and washed him clean, leaving mud everywhere. 

I then removed all my wet clothes, found a blanket which I wrapped around my bottom half and walked through the main house. 
I was given very discerning looks from everyone as a half naked man with an action man strolled across the main hall. 

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