Monday, 5 August 2013

Wee and tea

Yet again my dreaming reflected that I needed the toilet and gave me a visual reminder. 
I was in my old childhood bedroom and desperate for the loo. I looked under the bed and found a child's potty. I was as my adult self and so was surprised when I fitted on it.  

I looked around and couldn't locate any toilet paper and so decided to abort the mission. Standing up and with just my underpants on I began to urinate soaking myself in the process. I woke at this point and used the toilet. 

I next found myself in my mums living room and my dearly departed dad was there. He asked me to make him a cup of tea and I was delighted to do so. 
I entered the kitchen and saw my mum in the garden standing at the back door. 
There was a huge tea making machine in the kitchen and I saw that mum had made tea for dad but forgot about it and it was now cold. 

I set about switching the machine on but it just poured water all over the worktop and floor. I called out to my mum for help but she just peered around the door frame looking at me without speaking. 

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