Saturday, 10 August 2013

The power of trees

There wasn't much of a flow to last nights dreaming, lots going on but nothing seemed really connected. 
I was firstly invited by a pub landlady to the staff area for a sandwich. Having accepted the offer and devoured the cheese sandwich, (on white), I made a move back into the bar. He landlady then threw a T towel at me and told me to get serving behind the bar. Apparently the sandwich wasn't free!

I was next walking along a street and approached a house, as I did so Clare from work came out of the house dressed in green knee high shorts and boots. She carried on up the street and I knocked on the front door. 
A man opened it and despite having just seen Clare I asked him if she was home. He rightly looked confused and closed the door. I then turned and walked towards a wooded area. As I got closer to it I started to feel strong and powerful. 
It dawned on me that I could gain strength and power from the trees. I held up arms above my head and started to fly high into the sky. 

Next I was back in the pub and I saw Harry and Paul from work. They were just leaving as I entered and I asked Paul to stay but he didn't understand me as he was talking in a foreign language. I tried to talk to Harry but me told me that he had to leave and help someone else. 

Lastly I could feel a cool breeze on my face and I was in my mums bedroom with the windows open. I then heard a voice from downstairs that said, "Who let all the cold in?" I quickly tried to shut the windows as I heard footsteps ascending he stairs. 
Just as I closed the last window I felt a presence behind me, I turned to look but as I did, turned in bed and woke up. 

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