Thursday, 29 August 2013

The holy Grail

Two very short memories from last night. The first being me as often is the case, on a mode of public transport. This time a bus. 
There was a man sitting opposite me minding his own business. I approached him and crouched down so that I could whisper into his ear. 

I said to the man, "I have the secret of all eternity, come with me and I shall show the most sacred of all things, the Holy Grail. "
This clearly captured the mans imagination as he followed me off the bus at the next stop. 

The next thing I knew, I was outside the front door to my house when my neighbour arrived. He had just returned from his holiday in Spain and handed me a gift from the country. 

It was a small very light gift wrapped in yellow tissue paper. My neighbour grinned at me in anticipation of me unwrapping it. 
I carefully pulled away the tissue paper to reveal the cardboard centre of a toilet roll. 
I wasn't impressed. 

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