Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Super Mario Maximus

To start with I was at my mums house and my uncle Pat and his wife arrived unexpectedly at the door. 
Standing in the living room talking my uncle stood on a chair and took a screw out of the curtain rail. 

He then started to walk around the house picking up items and putting them in his pockets. He kept concealing what he was taking by turning his back on us. 

I was next with a man I didn't know. He took me into a very tall tower made of bricks. We climbed the stairs to reach the top but the view wasn't very good as other buildings were taller and blocked out the landscape. 

At the top the man pushed at a wall and a secret compartment opened into a hidden room. Entering the room I could see two sets of work mans overalls hanging from the wall. 
The man started to dress into one of the overalls and told me to wear the other set. 
I asked him why and he just said, "Why not". As I put on the overall I looked into a mirror and saw that I was dressed as a super Mario brother. 

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