Sunday, 4 August 2013

Spider-Man on wheels

I was strolling along a street that I didn't recognise when I came across a large glass fish tank laying on its side. 
It was full of water and plants. As I proceeded further there were more tanks laid end to end. A woman was attending to them and I wondered how the water remained in the tanks. 

I was next part of a team of rollerbladers that were inside a huge Olympic size racing track. The track was wooden, circular and raised like the cycling tracks. 
My team were all dressed in full Spider-Man outfits and got together for a group hug. 
The race began and they all started completing circuits of the track by skating up the walls. I watched for a while, waited until the end and crossed the line behind them pretending to have completed the whole race. I then saw TV presenter Davina McCall roll in on blades to interview the team. 
I decided to leave as she annoys me. 

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