Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ryan's party extravaganza

The initial part of my dream involved me chasing a man along a street. It was unclear what he had done but he had a head start on me and I wasn't going to catch him. 
He reached an almost vertical mud bank with trees and rocks scattered up the slope. I thought I had a chance of gaining some ground but he jumped and climbed at such a pace I stopped defeated. 

Suddenly from out of nowhere strung Friend and work colleague Gareth. He bounded up the slope in huge jumps and landed on the shoulders of the fleeing man. 
Once clamped on he fell backwards rolling down the hill with the man still firmly in his grip. After several rolls Gareth let go of him and the man continued rolling and landed at my feet. 
I looked down at him smiling, thinking, 'Not so clever now'. 

Next my wife and I had attended a party hosted by friends Ryan and his wife Caroline at their house. 
As we entered the kitchen I was informed by Caroline that Ryan had arranged an elaborate party game and everyone had a part to play. 
We each had a plastic clip board with instructions on and these had to be followed to the letter or the game would be ruined. 

As I stood attempting to read my instructions and struggling as I didn't have my glasses Ryan walked past me and playfully punched me in the back. This coincided with some actual pain I am currently experiencing and turning in bed I felt the pain in the dream and fell on the floor. 

When I got up I walked into the garden to see everyone acting out their part and it was like an amateur dramatic play. 
Ryan and Caroline looked over at me and this seemed to indicate that it was my turn to perform. I glanced down at my clipboard only to find that it was empty and must have come off during my fall. 

Ryan started to pace up and down the garden in a stress that all his planning was ruined and Caroline just looked at him shaking her head. 
Then the pain in my back was becoming uncomfortable as I slept again as this time in the dream someone grabbed me from behind with one arm around my neck and then it felt like they were pushing a blunt instrument into my back. 
The pain was so bad I woke up. 

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