Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Robson Green's extreme swimming

Had that falling sensation twice last night. Where you are descending downwards, arms and legs flailing in panic and then just as you hit the floor you sit bolt upright in bed. 

After my second awakening I started to dream that I was approaching a naked man. Just as I reached him I saw him move his hand as if concealing something and I shouted out, "Watch his hand". The man had a huge stab wound in his belly and he continued to move his hand and poked two fingers into the cut and blood poured out. 

Lastly I was actor, TV presenter and fisherman, Robson Green. Fully dressed I started to walk into a river and as the water level reached my waist I began swimming. 
After a while I entered a shop but was still in water. Within the shop was 4x4 truck that was hanging from the ceiling. 

I started to rock the truck back and forth until it fell crashing to the floor. I then started to swim out of the shop but hiding under overhanging branches to avoid being seen by the shop staff. 

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