Friday, 23 August 2013

Pooh and breadcrumbs

Firstly I was in a house that I didn't recognise. There was a woman running around from room to room in a very confused and distressed state. 
In one of the rooms I found a black baby that was naked and crying. 

I held the baby up but at arms length as if it was contagious and it started to pooh. Loose runny pooh was pouring out of it like a brown chocolate waterfall. I put it down and left the house. 

I was next in my nan's old house and all the worktops and tables were covered in breadcrumbs. I walked around scooping them up into my hands shaking my head and tutting to myself at the mess. 

As I was doing this one of my childhood neighbours called Robert appeared at the door and told me he had free tickets to go and watch West Ham United football club and I could have them. 

With my hands full of breadcrumbs I informed Robert that I wasn't really much of a fan anymore and that I'd give them to some of the West Ham fans at work. 
When I actually looked at Robert, it wasn't him but a stranger. 
Confused I left without any free tickets but still holding the breadcrumbs. 

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