Thursday, 15 August 2013

Multi coloured lizards

I began my dream by staring at a wall mirror. It was large with a brown leather frame. 
I spent what seemed like hours just looking into the mirror before I actually realised I couldn't see my reflection. 

Next along with my wife we visited the house of a very fat man to see his pets. Sat in the living room with the fat man was his fat son and fat daughter. There was a large circular domed cage in the centre of the room. 

A one legged dog laid in front of the fire and a black cat jumped on my lap. In the cage were tiny mouse like creatures brightly coloured and jumping from perches like birds. 
I put my hand in the cage and picked up two large lizards from the bottom. They were an array of different colours and I placed one in the lap of the fat son. 
The son squirmed in terror as it climbed up his body. 

Lastly just before my dog jumped on me and woke me I was hiding behind a garden wall after stealing a BBQ from it and the house owner who was dressed in a white sheet was searching for it. 

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