Thursday, 22 August 2013

King Kong's demise

King Kong the massive ape of movie legend was terrorising the streets by climbing skyscrapers and squashing cars and people. 
He had made his way to an airport where planes were crashing as he swatted them like flies. 

To save the day was the normal sized superhero Batman along with a small stuffed monkey that had come to life. 
Batman was a little mixed up as he could shoot spiderwebs out of his wrists like Spider-Man. This proved handy because as the beast was confused by a tiny stuffed monkey dancing at his feet, Batman sealed up the apes eyes with webs. 

Clutching his face in a mixture of panic and anger the giant ape crashed to the floor and died but unfortunately the toy monkey was crushed by his fall. 
Hailed a hero, Bateman took all the credit and the small stuffed toy was forgotten and remained an unsung hero. 

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