Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hit the road slug

I was sat in a garden, not one that I knew along with my older sister. We were eating raw courgettes as if they were apples and crunching away whilst chatting. 
My sister then pointed out that there was a slug on her courgette. When I looked it started multiplying and creating an exact double of itself. Each one that appeared half sat over the next one so that it resembled an aardvarks outer shell until the courgette was completely covered in an armour. 

I was next at Becontree station on London's district underground line. 
In the lobby Paul Weller was performing 'Hit the road Jack' whilst wearing a dressing gown. It was a traditional styled one with a rope tie cord around the waist. 
As he finished his song someone in the audience said that he charges £50 a song and that this was his last one. 
Paul raised his right arm and thanked the crowd before putting on his slippers and leaving the stage. 

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