Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ghost visit

I began by riding a horse in Scotland with hundreds of other people and collapsing along with the horse at the top of a large hill. 
Once slightly recovered I looked out to see a pub in the distance and knew I needed to have my photo taken with the pub in the background to prove I'd completed the ride. 

I saw a man I didn't know close by and called out to him to take my photo. He wasn't hearing me so I shouted out, "Paul, Paul!"  He turned around and approached me and I handed him my camera. 
I stood with my back to the pub but Paul just walked off stealing my camera! 

I was next visiting my mum who was acting strangely when I spoke to her. She was confused and was having trouble remembering things. At one point she forgot who I was. 
Upset by this I decided to go upstairs to my old childhood bedroom. When I entered it was exactly as it was when I was a child. The bed even had boxes of games and toys spread out over it. 

I needed some help with my mum so I phoned my work colleague Ghost, long story as to why he's called this but he was close by at the shops. 
He said he didn't know where my mums house was so I gave him directions from his location. 

While I was waiting for Ghost to arrive I decided to clear my bed ready for sleep later and I also took off my jeans and sat on the floor in my pants. 

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