Sunday, 11 August 2013

Drugs and stolen goods

I was back in my old local pub down in Essex and as I entered the saloon bar I saw my dads best friend and his wife. They were both completely wasted and couldn't even speak. 
Not getting any sense from either of them I walked around into the public bar which was totally empty apart from my dad. 

I told my dad about his mate and he asked me to roll him a joint and handed me some cannabis. 
It took me ages to put some cigarette papers together and then I sprinkled the cannabis into it. I asked my dad for some tobacco and he handed me his pouch which was full of grass. 

With my head down painstakingly compiling a joint I looked up and suddenly noticed the bar was full and everyone was looking at me. 

I was next entering the delivery yard of a warehouse. As I entered I saw a white van laying on its side with the keys in the ignition. 
I called out but no one replied, in the middle of the floor were two new chairs. I took them outside and returned to take some more. I removed two more chairs before someone shouted out, "Stop thief". 

Quickly running outside I flipped the van onto its wheels, loaded up my stolen chairs and drove off laughing as I watched the frantic staff in my rear view mirror waving angry fists at me. 

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