Sunday, 18 August 2013

Come on feel the A team

To begin my nights journey I was at my nan's old house where I spent most of my childhood. 
I was with two others but didn't recognise them. We had opened the double doors between the dining room and the living room to make a football pitch and were using a birds fat ball as a football. 
As we played we all laughed out loud and I was so happy. In the background Slade played, "Come on feel the noise". I didn't want it to end. 

I was next part of the A team, the TV version not the film. I wasn't any particular character, just an additional member. 
We had swooped on a hearse that was empty but had two females in the front. 
They were quickly apprehended and in true A team style, not harmed in any way. That was until I decided to prevent them from running off I would shoot them both in the kneecap. 

I was lastly in a restaurant about to tuck into a huge fried breakfast when the alarm woke me for work! Doh.  

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