Monday, 12 August 2013

Chris Evans V Mr Bean

I was in central London high up on a rooftop looking at the busy streets below. 
I was dropping Skittle sweets onto a shop canopy for my own amusement when I could hear the very irritating voice of TV presenter Chris Evans. 
He was on the roof of the building across the street and was shouting about an event on Thursday. I stopped listening as I saw above his head a steam train which was running on a track around the row of buildings. 

Looking back down at the canopy I'd been dropping Skittles onto, it suddenly drooped down releasing hundreds of sweets onto the street below like multi coloured rain. 
Glancing back over at Chris I saw him trying to climb off the roof into a door. He climbed a ladder and stuck his head onto the bottom of Mr Bean who was coming down the ladder. 

The two then started shouting and pushing each other in a battle to gain supremacy on the ladder. I watched for a while laughing but then my gaze wandered back to the busy streets traffic. 

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