Sunday, 28 July 2013

World War 3

I was at work and knew that I had a 10 O'Clock appointment that I couldn't miss. So instead of getting too involved in anything I decided to go snooping around an old aircraft hanger. 
I climbed on top of the hanger and found a small hole big enough to climb through and slowly dropped down. 

Once inside the hanger I could see lots of people, all of which were in my mind some kind of Bond film villains plotting the destruction of the World. 
I decide to leave to report my findings and as I walk out the door a male and female walk in arguing. Clearly having a domestic about her sleeping with another man they don't take any notice of me. 

I think I'm out safe when the man shouts, "Is this him?"
Looking back he is pointing at me and has mistaken me for his wife's lover. 
The man runs angrily towards me and I pull out some pepper spray and hit him in the eyes temporarily blinding him. 
Just as I think I've done enough to escape, hundreds of men from inside the hanger give chase. 
I begin randomly spraying them but quickly run out and get cornered. 
One man approaches me and says, "You've started World War 3 now!"

I was lastly at some kind of training class at work and in my group was my colleague Stu and football manager Roberto Mancini. 
At the end of the course we were sent out of the class to be evaluated but Stu stayed in there. Roberto and myself were running around the car park like children and at one point I rushed back into the classroom and skidded on my bottom across the table Stu was sitting on. He didn't look impressed. 

I went to the boot of my car and handed Roberto a blue football shirt with his name on the back and asked if he wanted to swap contact details. 
Roberto messed about pretending not to remember his mobile number, clearly not wanting to swap. 
In the end I left him and went to find Stu. When I got to the classroom Stu had gone and the room was empty. 

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