Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tribute Jam and wife

I'd walked past a group of people that were looking after an old man that had collapsed in the street. There was nothing I could do as they had it all in hand so I continued on my way and entered a car park. 
I saw a red car abandoned in the middle of the place blocking other cars. I instinctively knew it was the old mans so parked it in a bay and decided to return the keys to him. 

I attempted to lock it but nothing I could do worked and in the end I left it unlocked and walked back to the people around the corner. 
As I approached the group I saw that the old man was gone, presumably to hospital and a large built man was walking towards me. 
I called out who wants the keys and the large man grabbed them out of my hand and said, "Cars mine now". I didn't even question him. 

Lastly I'd returned home and in my living room was a large white sheet hung down a wall from the ceiling which had an old style projector playing a film onto it. 
At first glance it was 1980's band The Jam playing with a Union Jack behind them. 
My wife entered the room and asked me why I was so happy. Before I could speak she started to have a right go at me and I just sat there opened mouthed at her uncharacteristic ranting. 

I looked up at the projection and noticed that it wasn't the original group but one of those tribute bands and the pretend Paul Weller singer was getting all the words wrong. 
I looked back at my wife and noticed that she was also a tribute act and not my real wife. 
Just goes to show that only the originals are the best. 

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