Monday, 8 July 2013

The young ones

Starting off I was watching Rik Mayal from his Young Ones days performing as the people's poet. 
He was reciting a poem but I couldn't hear him because I was to busy saying that its ages since I saw the Young Ones and that I should look up the DVD. Which is very cheap on E Bay by the way. 

Lastly I was out on one of my normal walks with my dog when I saw a group of people standing in the middle of a field. 
As I got closer I noticed that they were dancing an Irish jig. 
Arms straight at their sides with lots of jumping and leg kicking, they were really going for it until they suddenly were aware of my presence and stopped. 

They all then just walked out of the field and into the path and started chatting as if they were just out on a walk. I eyed them suspiciously  

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