Thursday, 25 July 2013

Talking roses

Last night I was either a private detective or police officer, wasn't entirely sure but I was out in the street waiting for an assignment. 
I was in need of a wee and as I looked for somewhere to go a rose bush ahead of me started to move. I thought something was hiding inside it but then the entire bush started to walk towards me. It said, "I've lost my parrot". 

Slightly alarmed at this I turned and ran. I ran into a toilet and clearly my brain was sending a message that I needed to wake and go to the toilet because when I started to go it fired out like a firefighters hose. 
The result being that the water in the pan shot back up and splashed me. Just as I was getting soaked a voice came over a radio saying,'Your next mission is an escaped parrot, go get it'. 
I then woke up. 
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