Monday, 29 July 2013

Streets of gold

There were three very separate parts to my dreaming last night. Starting with me being in a very picturesque German town in the mountains. 
As I looked at the people they all had sticks in their hands that were made of gold. I widened my glance to the houses and bridges, they too were all shining brightly of gold in the sun. It was a magical place. 

Next I was at the house of a very old school friend but I knew he was out and so I spoke to his sister. I'd left my bike there and had come to collect it. When I went into the back garden there was no fence and it was open for anyone to get in. 
My bike was outside the shed and all of the brakes had been removed and a wheel was missing. I looked angrily at my friends sister who simply shrugged her shoulders. 

Finally I was in a car with my wife and she was driving. Oddly it was a left hand drive and we were attempting to find a parking space outside of a house. 
Having passed the house my wife started to reverse and when she reached the driveway reversed onto it. 
I was looking out of the rear windscreen and a car with its door open was on the drive. She continued to drive at it and I started to call out stop.  

People outside also started shouting to stop but my wife hit the other cars door and kept going. 
I turned to look at her and she was asleep and not hearing my shouts. I slipped my left leg out to put it on the brake and woke up with my wife asleep next to me and I was kicking my leg out of the bed. 

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