Saturday, 13 July 2013

Spider to a fly

I was at my mums house in my old childhood bedroom and hanging from the ceiling was a spider about the size of a rat. 
I watched it lower towards the floor and my wife popped her head into the room and said we had to leave. I told her to wait a minute and held out my hand to catch the spider. 

I needed both hands to hold it and I saw a fly in the corner of the door frame. My wife kept insisting we needed to leave but I carefully threw the spider at the door. As it hit the door frame the spider opened its mouth and swallowed the fly whole. I laughed out loud. 

I then noticed a dart board on the wall that was really worn out and had the wire rims hanging from it. 
I removed it from the wall and turned it over to use the other side but it was in a worse state than the other. 
I looked up to see that my wife was still waiting for me and without speaking gave me a look they said, 'We're leaving now'. 

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