Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Slippery slope

Back to sleeping during the day for a week and with that a very comatose rest to start off. 
As my head hit the pillow I could see long grass surrounding me up to my knees. 
I was running through it and as I gathered speed I realised that I was on top of a steep hill, but all too late as I lost my footing and began to tumble forwards. 

With arm franticly waving like a windmill I rolled through the long grass in a very undignified manner. 
I shouted out but as I opened my eyes in bed, instead of a manly distressed cry I heard myself uttering an embarrassing girly whimper. 
At least I'd not disturbed my wife as she was still awake and sat there shaking her head at me in quiet acceptance of her odd husband. 

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