Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Round robin

I was in a darkened barn that had a loft with a small open hatch for access from a ladder. 
I put my arm up and started to feel around in the dark. I took hold of what felt like a tennis ball but a lot softer like feathers. When I moved the object up to my face I saw it was a Robin red breast in a perfect ball. 

I threw him up into the air to watch him fly but he hit the floor and bounced several times. I raided my arm and took hold of another robin and repeated throwing it. This one decided to fly and went straight back into the loft. 
I tried to grab another but removed a small snowman Christmas decoration that had flashing coloured lights. 
I popped my head into the loft and placed the snowman next to a robin and it cuddled up to it. I took a photo. 

The last part of my dream involved me at Barking train station in Essex. I could see the platform I wanted to be on but no matter what direction I took I always ended up just looking at the platform unable to reach it. 
This went on for what seemed like ages and in the end I just sat across from the platform watching all the trains arrive and leave. 

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