Sunday, 7 July 2013

Richard Hammond hit show

It's been a few weeks since I dreamed about Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond but that changed last night. 
Along with Jerry from work, Richard was hosting a TV show. 
The object of the programme was for members of the public to beat up famous people and work colleagues. 

I have no idea of the rules or prize monies involved I was the contestant and that all I was concerned with. 
Various people stood in a line, none of which I recognised other than poor Jerry. Maybe they were all Z list stars due to the fact they were going to be beaten. Some people will do anything for fame. 

I then set about punching and kicking the assembled 'celebs' one by one. As I did they all started laughing and enjoying it. Richard watched from the sidelines and just shook his head in disbelief as if to say 'What have I lowered myself to here?'

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