Monday, 22 July 2013

Radioactive sand

I was heading down a street on foot when I came across a road block of police vehicles with flashing blue lights. 
I just couldn't get by and thought I was stuck there as the road from where I'd just come was also blocked as more cars arrived with sirens blasting. 

A glance to my left and I saw I small gap in a wooden fence. It was big enough for me to squeeze through and so I did so. 
As my body emerged out the other side my feet started to sink in soft sand. 

Suddenly I was aware of a hot almost melting feeling over my entire body. My head started to feel fuzzy and I couldn't see. I gasped for air as I lost control of my body and fell onto the sand. 

Realising that I was melting and my body was paralysed I quickly concluded that I was done for and accepted that I was about to face imminent death. So it was a pleasant relief when I opened my eyes this morning. 

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