Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Play for today

So much going on last night that I must have dreamt continuously. 
I was woken very early on by my wife because I was shouting out loud. The reason for this was that I was taking a shower and suddenly I was drowning and began to panic. 

Next my brain signalled to me that I needed the toilet by dreaming that I'd entered a public convenience cubicle to pee. Whilst in the cubicle I looked over the top into the next one and a man was grinning up at me. 
I removed a pistol equipped with a barrel silencer and shot him twice in the head. 
I opened the cubicle door and another man was staring at me. He met the same fate. 
I then woke to use the toilet. 

Back to slept again and I was at a theatre about to take the starring role in a play that I had written. 
I had my script but with minutes to go before the start of the play realised that I hadn't learnt my lines. Despite having written it my mind was blank. I franticly looked through the script but it contained pictures only. 
 I ran to the female director and told her, she looked at me with disgust and just said, "Goodbye"
She shouted for the understudy and the play went on without me. I was devastated. I cried.  

Finally I was at work looking for a continuation sheet for something I was writing but there were none anywhere. As I searched every draw and cupboard a female that I once worked with in a supermarket over 15 years ago was shouting out titles to dreams that I had previously written. As she did so she shook her head disaprovingly. 

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