Thursday, 4 July 2013

Penis enlargement

Nothing unusual for me to be dreaming about going to the toilet. It's my brains way of informing me that I should wake up and go take a pee. 

I was doing just that and standing over the toilet. When I looked down into the pan it seemed very deep and I couldn't see the bottom of it. 
As I started to pee nothing came out but instead my penis started to expand as if it was a balloon filling with water. 

I became rather alarmed as the end of it swelled to the size of a football and the weight of that stretched my manhood to about 10 feet long. 
Very concerned by this unorthodox penis enlargement, my brains plan to wake me succeeded and I opened my eyes. 
A quick welfare check on my vitals to see all was normal and I rushed off to the toilet. 

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