Friday, 26 July 2013


I began my night by being in an auction room where all the men wore flat caps and brown coats. 
The only items for sale were coffee mugs that were second hand and were all thrown into a plastic washing up bowl. 
I was concerned that they would smash as the people looking at them carelessly tossed them back into the bowl. 

I wandered off and found a small room that had two tiny new born mice in it. They were pink with eyes closed and when I picked them up they tried to suckle my fingers. 
I decided that I needed to hand rear them and set about looking for a pipette to feed them milk. 
I placed the mice on a work top and they changed shape and became a round balloon, I tried to pick them up but they were stuck to the table. 

I next found myself in a small square room that was equal in length on all sides. A woman was sat at a desk writing a witness statement and a man stood over her. 
They didn't seem to see me so I set about opening cupboards and draws to see what I could find. 

I discovered a small cake that resembled a fondant fancy but it was orange. I popped it into my mouth and it was orange flavoured too. 
A further search uncovered some chocolates that again were orange flavoured. As I continued to pop sweets and cakes into my mouth, I became overwhelmed with a guilty feeling because I still had my lunch to eat. 

I watched the woman signing her statement and left the room feeling rather full and uncomfortable. 

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