Thursday, 18 July 2013

Lego devil lawn mower

To begin the nights adventure I'd entered a shop to buy a lottery ticket. 
I approached the counter and asked the man for a lucky dip for the coming Tuesday. He then placed a blanket over my head and began laughing hysterically. 
The blanket had pictures of animals all over it and I removed it and handed it back to the shop keeper who was still laughing as if he had just performed the funniest prank of all time. 

I was next in a field watching a man construct a huge upside down model of satan from Lego. 
It was about eight feet high and as he completed it he turned it up the right way and it wasn't a model of the devil but a working lawn mower which he then proceeded to cut the grass with. It was very impressive. 

I looked around me at a small crowd that had gathered to see the devil mower and noticed that none of them were very old. I then started to tell them that when I was a teenager that at 4.45 on a Saturday afternoon on ITV introduced by Dickie Davies was wrestling on TV. 

I tried to find a You Tube clip to show them but I wasn't able to get a phone signal in the field. 


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