Monday, 15 July 2013

Leave a light on for me

Not unusually I was at my mums house. I'd parked a transit sized van outside and was in the living room. 
Every now and then I would look out of the window at the van and see that there was a light on inside it. 

Not sure if something was buzzing around my head during the night but I could hear a wasp in my mums living room. I pinpointed the sound as coming from behind the fireplace. 
Another check out of the window to see that the light was still on in the van and I then approached the fireplace. 

I noticed that the fire was actually on hinges and I pulled one side and it opened like a door. As I did this the wasps humming became louder and as I peered behind the fire I again had the overwhelming urge to look at the van once more. 

I checked the van and the light was still on inside it. Turning back towards the fire the wasp started to become more of a distant sound and I woke up. I checked the clock and it was 00.05 which was the exact time I woke during the previous night!

Back to sleep and I was at the top of a huge slide in a vast water complex. 
As I sat at the top and laid on my back lots of people were lining the sides on the way down. 
I pushed myself off and as I went past all the people they threw screwed up paper at me. 
I don't recall reaching the bottom. 

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