Friday, 12 July 2013

Johnny Depp's optical illusion

Starting off I'd gone into work and everyone was moaning because the bosses had come up with yet another money saving scheme. This one was to have two people sharing one locker and selling the empty ones. 
I was laughing because I was sure they wouldn't dare put anyone else in my locker because I have OCD and I wouldn't be able to cope with someone else's mess. 

I went to my locker only to find they had and another name was written on the door with their stuff just thrown over mine. 
I went onto panic mode and removed all my equipment and clothing shouting that I'd just carry my stuff around with me and that there was no way I was sharing. 

The next part of my dream I was watching TV, it was a film staring Johnny Depp who was dressed as Willy Wonka from his remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Johnny had a group of followers and there was an opposing group of baddies trying to find them. 

The setting was a vast array of corridors in a basement and both groups marched through sets of double doors seemingly towards each other. 
Just as it looked as if they were about to meet Johnny pushed open a set of doors and they all disappeared. The baddies pushing the same doors were confronted with screen showing a long corridor and they stepped into a conveyor belt. 

Peering through the door behind the baddies Johnny laughed as they were moving on the same spot down a never ending corridor. 

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