Friday, 19 July 2013

Goldie's broken Britain

Two of my work supervisors featured in last nights dream. 
Starting off with Goldie who was the host of his own TV show. The studio set up was Goldie sat on the bottom of some stairs, with a female celebrity that no one knew to his right and two guest presenters from the audience positioned above him on the stairs. The guest presenters being two teenage boys. 

One of the boys got his words mixed up so Goldie took him to one side and verbally tore him apart saying he was part of broken Britain. The audience laughed hysterically and the boy started to cry and Goldie smiled at his achievement. 

Next I had returned home to my mums to get changed in order to go out. I tried to Hoover the carpet but the vacuum made an awful noise so I switched it off. 
At this point Jim entered the room and said that the floor needed hoovering. I noticed that my socks had massive holes in them and when I pointed this out to Jim, he laughed and pointed at my feet like a giggling schoolboy. 

Jim switched on the Hoover which made an even worse noise and then fell apart. I told Jim he had broken it and smiled inwardly. 
I then noticed that my socks were no longer on my feet but hanging in a clear plastic bag on the side of the vacuum. 

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