Thursday, 11 July 2013

Back to the 70's

UInitially I had entered an apartment to find a man who told me that a female visitor had outstayed her welcome but he couldn't get her to leave. 
When I went into the living room I saw a woman laid out on the sofa asleep. 
In an armchair was my wife watching TV and she glanced over briefly and said, "Chuck her out please, she's annoying me". 

I shook the females arm and she opened her eyes and immediately started to shout at the man. They proceeded to have a domestic argument so my wife and I thought our best course of action would be to leave and promptly did do. 

I was next transported back to the 1970's and into the grounds of my old primary school, although I was an adult. 
As I walked around garden area a tall black man approached me with bright orange Afro hair and a massive handlebar moustache. 
As we drew level with each other he pointed a finger at me and winked, I called out to him as he passed me, "Nice tash dude". 

I then entered a classroom but didn't recognise any of the people so left and went into the next room. 
Here also I recognised no one so I played football with a crushed coke can around the tables much to everyone's annoyance. 

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