Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Top gear meets Kevin Keegan

I began by lifting the front door to my house off its hidges to reveal the roots of a grape vine. I then set about cutting through the bottom of the vine with a hacksaw. 
When I had finished I looked around to see that I was being watched by Richard Hammond. The second appearance from the top gear presenter in a week. 
We then got into my car and drove around the A47 Eye Services roundabout in Peterborough. As we negotiated the roundabout, cars were stopped in the middle of the round, some were driving in the wrong direction and one van was reversing at us. 
Darting in and out of the other vehicles I did well to avoid a crash and Richard commentated as if he was on Top Gear. 

There was a missing section from being in the car to arriving at the service station and I just recall standing by my car without knowing how I got there. 
I watched Richard as his hair transformed into a black permed style exactly like the now infamous Kevin Keegan look of the 1970's. 
Then his co presenters James May and Jerermy Clarkson appeared, both also sporting the Keegan perm. 

I watched as if seeing an episode of Top Gear as the three stood in an open topped car as it made its way through the streets of London. 
The object of the episode was to see how many pub signs they could hit with their permed hair as they stood in the car. 
Richard was complaining because he was of a clear height disadvantage being so small. No surprise but Jerermy won. 

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