Friday, 28 June 2013

Tony Blair saves Britain

I'm not in the initial part if my dream but just an observer. There is a large caravan that contains around 20 Eastern European males that have come to Britain to work. 
They discover that the doors and windows are all locked shut and that apart from a small strip of the floor, the entire caravan has become magnetic. 
As they wonder what is going on, pots and pans stick to the floor and ceiling. 

Suddenly the caravan starts to raise off the ground and slowly and gently floats away. Passing over houses and gardens the caravan barely clears the tops of fences. The occupants are panicking and unsure what is happening when it comes to land in a hospital ward full of dying old people. 

Hospital staff have no idea what is going on as the magnetic force from the caravan flows over an old man and he is brought back from the brink of death. 
Ex prime minister Tony Blair enters and explains that it is all his doing and he is going to save the country. 
He says that the magnetic force restores life and opens a plastic tub that contains fruit that is still fresh after a year. 
When the lid lifts off the fruit immediately rotted and decayed and the old man died. 

Lastly I was painting the walls to my old childhood bedroom using a hose. The colour was a light blue and as I sprayed I could hear Katy Perry singing her 2010 hit 'Firework'. 
My black leather jacket was hanging on the door and foolishly I thought I could paint around it. 
The only trouble with using a hose pipe to paint was that my jacket became light blue! 

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