Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The new face of menswear

Last night I had a dream I was applying or a job in one of the chain of menswear shops at Burtons. It was a two storey premises with a basement. As I descended the stairs I was told that there were two other candidates for the position.  
I felt confident of getting the job but just as I reached the bottom of stairs I noticed that there was a stack of newly published Burton magazines. 
On the front cover was the grinning face of my friend Matt who I then discovered in the basement also applying for the job.
On the cover under his photo it said, 'The new face of Burton'. 

Clearly annoyed at their decision to chose Matt without giving me an interview I left vowing my revenge. 
I was next in my mums front bedroom with a man I didn't know. I was informing him that I had planted a stack of dynamite in the basement at Burtons and it would explode as soon as Matt entered to start his new job. 
The man said that I wouldn't get away with it and that I was trapped in the room with him. 
I then opened the small window and squeezed through it, just as I dropped the man shouted that I'd kill myself in the fall. 
Little did he know that I had planned my escape and in the street below I had placed hundreds of cuddly toys to break my fall. 

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