Thursday, 6 June 2013

Poorly Stuart

Visually I was inside a huge concrete dome. No doors or windows and no way out. Despite this I wasn't concerned or frightened but just stood there looking up at the circular ceiling far above my head. 

I was then at the rear of a large van that had its doors open wide, as I looked around me I saw Stuart, one of my supervisors from work. 
Knowing Stuart to always be a loud and friendly person that's always joking around, I shouted out his surname as I always do when I see him. 
Stuart said nothing and looked totally unhappy and his head down at the floor. 
I called to him again and his face lifted and I could tell he was very ill. 

I walked away from Stuart sad at what I'd seen and as I did I could hear the words to a song. 'Be free, to do what you want to do' echoed as I left Stuart standing by the van. 

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