Thursday, 13 June 2013

Paul Weller hand gel

I was inside a room and I wanted to wash my hands so needed to go into the bathroom. I have no idea where I was but knew the bathroom was through a door to the room I was in. 
Before opening the door I placed a rubber car mat under it which was black but had a picture of singer song writer Paul Weller on it. 
Entering the room I noticed the door handle also had Paul's picture on it. 
Washing my hands at the sink, the soap dispenser had his face on the front of it. 

Next very aware that I was asleep because I was running circles around a gym. This is something I'd never do awake so it was definitely a dream. 
Placed around the sides were grey coloured shorts with signs above them saying, 'Clean shorts'. 

Lastly I was in my car driving around the town centre of Barking in Essex. Trying to find a parking space was impossible as every where was rammed. 
I was then walking around a small office building unaware how I got there, a woman asked if I needed help and I stated that I just needed a parking space. 
The woman offered me a space in their company car park and I thanked her and went outside to find my car but it was nowhere to be seen. 

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