Saturday, 15 June 2013

Off with her head!

I woke my wife with my shouting out in my sleep last night. The reason being was that I saw an old woman who was holding up the decapitated head of the queen by the hair. 
Such was my distress at seeing our monarch befall such a gruesome end like some of her predecessors that I yelled out in alarm. 

I next drove a white Ferrari into a field where some kind of village fate was going on. I found my dads best friend Pat very drunk falling all over the place and decided to look after him.  

After a while Pat decided he wanted an ice cream and we located an ice cream van but the woman said she had no electricity and everything had melted. 
Pat asked for some chocolate flakes and when the woman handed them to him they were made of ice cream. Pat grabbed hold of them and the ice cream squirted into the air. 

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