Monday, 10 June 2013

Never ending ladder

I was in my mums house upstairs in what was my sisters old room when we all lived at home. 
Through the open window flew a blackbird which perched on my shoulder. It was very friendly and I decided I would keep him as my pet. 

I was next with a man that looked familiar but I didn't know him. We were in a fire engine and arrived at a scene of some kind of disaster. The road was cordoned off police and other fire engines were present. 
The man I was with said we needed to get the ladder off the top of the truck and we took an end each. As I walked backwards the ladder just kept coming, growing to a ridiculous length. 
I walked backwards into a long tunnel and the other end of the ladder was still on the top of the fire engine. 
After I'd walked for about a mile the man shouted that the ladder was off and we could now use it. 

With us on either end of the ladder it was totally impossible to manoeuvre and we were in a vast dark tunnel so couldn't see either.  The man shouted that we needed to put the ladder back and we struggled out of the tunnel into the daylight. 
Everyone had gone and the street was normal as if nothing had ever happened. 

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