Sunday, 16 June 2013

Million pound garage

I was slowly reversing my car up to the closed door of a garage. It looked fairly ordinary as garages go but I was aware that it was for sale and the asking price was one million pounds. 
I stopped switched off my engine and stared intently at it through my rear view mirror. 

The next thing I was aware of was that I was late for school, I was an adult and the school was one that I worked at rather than attended as a child. 
Knowing that I faced losing my job for constantly being late I franticly ran along empty corridors looking for teachers. 
I spent hours searching the entire school without finding anyone. 
In my mind I then came to the logical conclusion that if no one knew I was late then I was safe from losing my job. 

I woke up with the song 'One night only' in my head but the version sung by that child on Britain's got talent. Most annoying.  

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