Sunday, 2 June 2013

Laugh in the face of Death

My head is full of sounds and images from a constant stream of visions from the moment I closed my eyes last night. So much so that I've struggled to recall everything due to the huge volume of dreams, but here goes. 

I was in my old apartment that I lived in when I first left home. It was full of people that I did not know and most were performing various card tricks and magic acts. It was late and I was going on a plane flight with my friend and work colleague Siobhan the next day. 
She was trying to find a space somewhere on the floor for me to sleep but feeling left out from all the magic and tricks I decided I'd draw Donald Duck as I knew I was good at that. 
I scribbled on a piece of paper and it was rubbish, I was very disappointed. Siobhan pointed to a gap on the floor between sleeping bodies and said, "We will have to top and tail". 

Next I had lost my wife and was searching for her when I found a ginger haired female that looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't think how I knew her. 
I then said to her that I knew I was asleep and that I was dreaming that I was asleep and dreaming talking to her. Effectively having a dream within a dream. She looked puzzled and walked away. 

Lastly I was a small child again and I was sat on a sunny beach, I was aware that my mum was behind me but I was unable to move. 
I called out for my mum scared as my body was numb and just my eyes moved. I asked my mum why I couldn't move and she told me I had cancer. 

Suddenly a giant of a man dressed all in black with a tall hat on drifted across the sand towards me and my mum told me it was time for me to leave her. 
As the eerie dark figure approached me I realised I was able to move and ran at him punching him in the stomach. 
As a result of this he crumpled in half and began to shrink changing form until he was a fat little man naked and hairy, helpless on the beech. 

Realising that I had defeated Death I walked up to him laying on the floor and laughed directly in his face. It felt good. 
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